Beyond Wealth

This year, I have been able to hit ALL my goals. I am humbled and grateful that this has been possible and I would like to share how I have done this with you. I have had so many years of not being able to follow through; some of you may identify with this, please tell me I’m not alone.

I set out a day at the end of 2018, I found a quiet area and for the next few hours, I wrote my massive action plan, how I planned to achieve them, the threats, opportunities and the deadline for each. It has been amazing.

One of my goals was to exercise 5-6 times a week not just to keep fit but to keep my mental state healthy and to discipline myself as I knew it was going to be a tough year with various projects planned and a busy personal life too. It was tough at first and the mind finds all sorts of excuses why you don’t have to do it today. I have persevered and now it is part of my routine.

I am not suggesting you exercise everyday unless you want to however, I have applied a similar strategy to all my other goals.

If you will like to hear more about my journey and how you can apply similar principles to 2020, you are welcome to join me at the ‘Beyond Wealth and Leadership Conference’  at Luton Hoo Country Estate on Sunday 15th of December 2019. We will be taking massive action to build our wealth and leadership opportunities in 2020.

Beyond that, we will be using our wealth to create impact. Two charities will be featured on the day and proceeds from the event will go to support them.

Finally, the strong network that we are creating will be used to ease business and help our community.

There are a few opportunities to sponsor/exhibit your business or passion at the event, please contact us to find out more.

I hope to welcome you in December.

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