Beyond Wealth Scholarship 


Beyond wealth scholarships will be launched in 2020 to give the brightest and most promising young people from minority ethnic backgrounds in the United Kingdom the best chance to attend leading universities and study in a field of their choosing.

Successful candidates will be paired with leaders in the field and will be given support with work experience, shadowing, personal statements and interviews.



  1. To fast-track dedicated, hardworking and focused young people in their chosen fields of study

  2. To support their successful admission into leading universities

  3. To provide a sustainable resource for future applicants


Applicants must be from minority ethnic backgrounds and must be in school years 11 or 12. They must demonstrate a track record of hard work and dedication for the chosen subject.

The scholarship committee will be looking for candidates who not only exudes passion for what the scholarship offers but also demonstrate leadership skills.

Successful candidates will be expected to:

  1. Engage will all aspects of the programme and commit to excellence in their conduct 

  2. Be great ambassadors of the programme in any organisation that they are privileged to get their work experience in

  3. Write a brief synopsis of their experience and any challenges during the programme

  4. To be part of the  alumni pool and commit to giving back to subsequent candidates. 


Successful candidates will be notified in writing (by email) of the terms and conditions of the Scholarship.



Steering Committee (SC) will be made up of members drawn from different sectors including medicine, law, pharma, banking/finance, business and engineering. SC members will be senior managers or directors with wealth of experience in their field of profession.


SC members  will meet at least twice a year to decide on the successful candidates based on the set criteria and to monitor their progress. The committee will be looking for candidates who can communicate effectively and who showcase their commitment to academics.


How to apply

Applications open in November 2019. Please click on the link below.


Monica is the last in a family of four, attended boarding school from the age of 10. She started to work with her mentor aged 15 following a change in family circumstances and she believes that everyone needs a mentor and a champion.

She worked as a model, extra in movies through medical school and graduated with flying colours.
She believes in living every moment to the fullest and her favourite mantra is “just be”.

She occasionally takes on mentees; you can enquire about mentorship

She is married with two children.