Beyond Wealth

Beyond Wealth is a community that challenges you to think about the impact you can bring to your community and to the world through your wealth. As the focus is always on creating change and impact, it is your responsibility to continue to develop yourself and to build your wealth. The first benefit from this movement is the Beyond Wealth Scholarship.


The inaugural conference is on Sunday December 15th. Check out our events page for further information,


Monica is the last in a family of four, attended boarding school from the age of 10. She started to work with her mentor aged 15 following a change in family circumstances and she believes that everyone needs a mentor and a champion.

She worked as a model, extra in movies through medical school and graduated with flying colours.
She believes in living every moment to the fullest and her favourite mantra is “just be”.

She occasionally takes on mentees; you can enquire about mentorship

She is married with two children.