About Me

Dr Monica Alabi


  • Partner, Wheatfield Surgery NHS
  • Primary Care Network Director NHS
  • Lead- population health BLMK Integrated care system
  • Rep- Local Medical Committee
  • Visiting Consultant LUTH
  • Director Vine Health
  • Speaker

She is keen on well-being and prevention of disease by promoting healthy lifestyle choices. She is a keen runner and believer in all things health.

Monica believes that leadership starts with you and that can leading yourself well is the key to leading others, improving your health and creating wealth for impact. Has an exciting and varied career, one that is now a good balance of clinical medicine and Leadership/Management/Healthcare Strategy and Policy.

Helping organisations commission high quality services fit for the local population within the financial envelope is her main priority. She is a keen teacher and seeks out opportunities to share best practice.

She has been a keynote speaker at various events. Her key topics are: Health and Wellbeing, Leadership and Wealth. Monica believes that learning is a lifelong process and has recently completed a Masters in Health Policy at Imperial College.

Key Achievements

  • Helped lead Luton CCG from 2011-2016 as Vice Chair; commissioning health services for the local population.
  • Converted paper referrals to electronic referrals as Clinical Director for Children’s Services.
  • Helped reduced Infant Mortality rate in Luton from 7.5% to 5%.
  • Helped commission new Mental Health Service in Luton.
  • Set up a women’s clinic in Luton focussing in Contraception, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Gynaecology and other issues peculiar to women.
  • GP Partner and Educator at Wheatfield Surgery.
  • Member Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire local medical committee
  • Involved in service reviews including acute service review for the South East, out of hours service review, overhaul of the appointment system to improve patient experience.
  • Clinical Director Titan Primary care network consisting of three practices
  • Visiting Consultant to Lagos University Teaching Hospital Nigeria
  • Advisory to the Secretary of State for Health from 2016-2018
  • CEO, Vine Health with a focus on wellness and the prevention of disease in the black community by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Line of supplements
  • Trustee and Advisory for charities and organisations
  • Writer for various blogs and publications
  • Keynote speaker
  • Award winner

Monica is the last in a family of four, attended boarding school from the age of 10. She started to work with her mentor aged 15 following a change in family circumstances and she believes that everyone needs a mentor and a champion.

She worked as a model, extra in movies through medical school and graduated with flying colours.
She believes in living every moment to the fullest and her favourite mantra is “just be”.

She occasionally takes on mentees; you can enquire about mentorship


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